Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our first couple of days

Well so far it's been an interesting couple of days. Vintage and I have been keeping busy (she needs to let mommy take a nap, lol). She has a ton of energy. My dog Abby and she get along fine (as I knew they would). Abby has been protective and loving of her, and ever so patient. I have taken Vintage a couple of places, the people at work seem to absolutely adore her, and all the places I have taken her too are absolutely thrilled to have this little lady around. We are having a great time, I am so happy to be involved and doing this again.


CONOVER said...

Hey! My name is Madison and I raise CCI puppies and live in MI. Our friends raise Leader dog puppies and juts got a pup on Sunday who looks JUST like your pup. Her name is Isabelle. Well check out my blog sometime.

The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

Hi, My name is MeKalea and I raise puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. I am also a college student graduating in May. Hope to hear more Vintage stories soon! May I link to your blog?

Taelor and Eagle said...

Hey Brittany!
You have probably already realized that the blogging community is pretty friendly! My name is Taelor, and i am raising a yellow lab named Eagle for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Vintage is adorable, and I hope to hear more about her life with you! Would you mind if I linked to your blog? You can link to mine if you want!
~Taelor and Eagle~

Erin & Midnight said...

Hi My name is Erin and I raise for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. I too am a college student and I'm raising my 3rd puppy for GDF.
She's a FBL named Midnight. Her blog is private but if you would like to read it please send me and email: and i'll add you!
Do you mind if I link you on my blog?

Have fun with Vintage!!

Lisa & Runza said...

I love her name!!! What a cutie!